SHAC Minutes

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The HISD Student Health Advisory Committee is comprised of the school nurse, the food services director, administrators, a physical education teacher, parents and members of the public.  Their main goals are to implement the school's Wellness Policy and provide opportunities for the students to learn about living a healthy lifestyle.  The meetings are posted on the District Activity Calendar and the public is invited to attend the meetings.  For questions, call Jeanette Holding, R.N., at HES. 

SHAC Meeting Minutes 1-19-2022

4:00 pm in the HES Science Lab and on Teams


In Attendance: Jeanette Holding, Brittanie Brown, Melody Smith, Sarah Bowles, Jessica Longley, Kendra Bennett, Krista Tiller, Caren Rangel

Attending Remotely Through Teams: Nicki Holbert, Cindy Dunkerley, Cherise Talley, Rachel Wetzel

  1. United Regional Wellness Lab – At this time the hospital cannot put any kind of community outreach on the calendar. Jeanette will call back at the end of the January to get an update on whether United Regional might be able to schedule our program. Rachel said she and Annie normally coordinate the food (through the PTO) for the program and they can help with that again if we are able to have the program.


  2. RUC Updates – Junior High is working on scheduling around spring break. High School has not scheduled yet. Each campus will need to get with the presenter and schedule the number of days and dates, then ask for a quote or invoice to do a purchase order. We will need to schedule the program with enough advanced notice to send home “opt-in” forms at least 14 days in advance and schedule a parent information night before the program is offered. The price quote that the presenter had previously given us was $100 per day for the Elementary and $150 per day for the junior and high school.


  3. Outside Food Policy for Breakfast – Brittanie Brown shared with the committee that some elementary teachers reached out to her with concern that outside sugary food is being brought to school in the mornings (during the time that breakfast is served). Brittanie Brown is wanting to have the SHAC propose a district policy that outside food or drinks would not be allowed in the school during breakfast. This would include no foods like donuts, Twinkies, poptarts, or outside drinks like Sonic drinks, coffee shop drinks, nutrition teas/energy drinks. Nicki Holbert (HHS counselor) suggested that before the SHAC vote for approval of this new policy, that we get input from our campus administration and staff. The committee agreed to get input from the individual campuses and revisit the policy suggestion at the March SHAC meeting. Then the SHAC recommendation for a new policy can be included in the end of year report that is presented to the board in April.


  4. Triennial Wellness Assessment – We are required to do this assessment every 3 years. It is based off the wellness policy that we have right now which can be found on the HISD website. Jeanette shared some documents via email including the WellSAT District score card. If the item has a federal building next to it, then it is required to be in the wellness policy. Brittney read through the score card and had the committee members score each item.


  5. Next meeting, March 2 – We will be working on the End of Year SHAC report, curriculum adoptions, and revisit the outside food policy during breakfast. Also, on Feb 16, SHAC members can preview the health and PE curriculum that is up for adoption for next year.


Meeting adjourned at 5:20 pm.


SHAC Meeting


In Attendance: Jeanette Holding, Nicki Holbert, Nichole Kirk, Brittanie Brown, Melody Smith, Cherise Talley, Kendra Bennett, Jennifer Thompson, Cindy Dunkerley, Krista Tiller, and Shonte Belton


Attending Remotely: Merileigh Johnson, Caren Rangel

Jeanette Holding announced that the SHAC meeting is being recorded and will be posted online for public access.

Jeanette provided handouts to non-school employee members (School Health Advisory Guide and a pamphlet entitled “Understanding Texas laws”. These handouts are available online for school employees.

The SHAC members introduced themselves.

HB 1525 Human Sexuality Curriculum

Shonte Belton shared about the programs that Relationships Under Construction provide. Relationships Under Construction is the program that we’ve used for several years through “The Center”.  Its former name was Hot Topics.  “The Center” no longer is available, so we’re needing to form a new partnership.

·      Marsh Media? - Program for 5th graders.  This has two 11 minutes videos for the students to watch, “Growing Up” and “Just Around the Corner” (puberty).  These would only take 1 day with boys and girls separately.

·      Relationships Under Construction – (previously called Hot Topics) - JH and HS curriculums are one week long.  The students would get the presentation one period a day. At junior high the presenter would be in the science classes and the presenter would be at the campus 2 weeks since there are 2 science teachers that split 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.   At high school the presenter would be in the freshman Wellness class. The program is interactive with worksheets, demonstrations, etc…

The program is abstinence based and discusses healthy relationships and puberty.

1)     There is an opt-in form for parents to sign before the program at least 14 days prior to the program starting

2)     The program is very interactive with classroom discussion/participation.

3)     She can do a parent night.  Mrs. Talley mentioned that when parent nights have been done in the past, the presenter made sure to show the parents the pictures and visuals so the parents knew what was being presented.

4)     Ms. Belton had hard copies of the curriculum for people to look through.  She referred everyone to the website and said there are parts of the curriculum to review there as well.

5)     Mrs. Bennett had sent her the legal requirements for this course prior to the meeting. Ms. Belton said she could meet all of those requirements.

6)     Ms. Belton is trying to get a TEKS correlation list from her company for us to verify that the TEKS are being taught.

The other option we discussed last month was “Aim for Success”.  We have used that program in the past.  It was a 50 minute whole group presentation. AIMS for Success rotated the yearly topics that were taught through a 3 year cycle instead of covering all the topics in one year.  This program is also abstinence based.

The counselors and nurse prefer the Relationships Under Construction so they can have significantly smaller groups that are more engaging.  The SHAC agreed that this was the best choice for our district.

Discuss Health and PE Curriculum

Kendra shared information about the Health and PE Curriculum adoption.  There is a committee of administrators and teachers who will help make this selection.  Their recommendation will be brought forward to the SHAC, but the SHAC will make the final recommendation to the school board who will then vote on which curriculum to adopt.

There will be a Region IX Publisher Showcase on February 16, 2022. It’s a come and go from 1:00-6:30 p.m. at Region 9 to look at the curriculum resources and listen to different publishing companies present.  SHAC members were invited to attend.  They were given a handout with that information along with the following websites so they could preview materials online. - pre-adoption samples of instructional materials are online for review purposes only. - new Health TEKS Review - new PE TEKS Review


-         Next meeting – cafeteria topics

-         Since we met today, the December SHAC will be cancelled.

-         The next meetings are scheduled for Wednesday, Jan 19 and Wednesday, March 2

Meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.




October 20, 2021 



Paula Moore, Caren Rangel, Kendra Bennett, Jessica Longley, Brittanie Brown, Melody Smith (in person) 

Kristin Lennon and Merileigh Johnson (remotely via TEAMS) 

Meeting led by Kendra Bennett 

Attendees were informed that the meeting was being audio-recorded. 


  1. New SHAC Members 

  1. HB 1525 Human Sexuality Curriculum 

  1. Misc. – Next SHAC Meeting, Wednesday, December 1, 2021 


  1. A summary of portions of HB 1525 in regards to SHAC meetings and Human Sexuality curriculum was shared. (pg. 9 – attached)  Discussion of the new policy included:  notice must be posted 72 hrs before each meeting on board in central admin offices (including campuses) as well as on district website. Meeting must also be either audio or video recorded and minutes of each meeting posted on the district’s website.  


  1. We need HES Parents on the SHAC.  Members were discussed with names provided to contact for HES parent representatives. 

Names mentioned: Yvette Slagle, Annie Gunter, Amy Coleman, Genna Jennings, Rachel Wetzel, Maci Heuring, Gavin Barker’s dad, Gary Wallace (if he could be a community member and move or High School parent), and Stephen Halberg. Will have Jeanette reach out to them to see if interested.  


  1. HB 1525 Human Sexuality Curriculum. Discussion of curriculum for human sexuality and program to be used this school year.  All members received a copy of the district’s policy EHAA Legal (attached) to review in regards to the purpose of the SHAC committee, and in particular, what must be done to recommend a Human Sexuality Curriculum to the school board.   Board policy was discussed of SHAC holding two public meetings before making curriculum recommendations to the board.  In the past, parent permission slips have been sent home to opt out of program but now permission slips will be sent home for parents to allow student to opt in to program.  Written consent has to be obtained at least 14 days prior to instruction.  Two programs were discussed in regards to curriculum. Relationships Under Construction and Aim for Success. Jessica Longley informed members of the programs and in the past how they have been taught. The Center is no longer doing program but representative is available to teach Relationships Under Construction to 4th and 5th graders but school district would have to pay representative directly. Merileigh mentioned that the AIM for Success program was taught in about an hour in a group setting and was not as engaging as the RUC program which was taught in classrooms.  Kendra shared that Mrs. Holbert, the high school counselor, had also emailed that she was in favor of the RUC program for the same reasons.  Merileigh brought up possibility of Vector (Safe Schools) having curriculum available online.  Kendra will check into this.  Caren brought up the possibility of checking with Serenity House to see if they had any programs.  Jessica didn’t think they did.  There was also discussion of Puberty curriculum for 5th grade. Jessica Longley has offered to teach if that’s a possibility. Kendra shared that she had contacted Region 9 to see if they knew of any resources, but they did not.  She also mentioned that the SHAC would be working on a curriculum adoption for Health and PE this year that would likely include Human Sexuality Curriculum.  This would be implemented in the 2022-23 school year.  Kendra shared a recommendation by campus administrators to have a parent presentation for parents to preview materials, listen to a summary of the program and ask questions. 


  1. Discussion of another meeting being needed to discuss Human Sexuality Curriculum before the December meeting since there has to be 2 public meeting and then a presentation to the board.  Next meeting tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, November 16, 2021. 


Meeting closed @ 4:30pm 

SHAC Meeting

March 24, 2021

In Attendance:

Nicki Holbert, Jeanette Holding, Sarah Bowles, Paula Moore, Caren Rangel, Attending remotely: Cherise Talley, Merileigh Johnson, Kendra Bennett, Jessica Longley


  1. United Regional Wellness Lab - 48 Staff/spouses/retired signed up. We had 46 participate. 2 people forgot and ate breakfast before coming to school. PTO provided the breakfast of burritos from the Open Table. Everything went very well.


  2. The SHAC should address the continued implementation of a coordinate health program including health education, physical education, health services, nutrition services, counseling, psychological and social services, family/community involvement. During the last part of this semester and during the summer when you attend conferences/education programs, please keep all the above in mind and bring back ideas to our first SHAC meeting in the fall of school 2021/22.


  3. The high school will be starting a babysitting class starting the week of April 12. The first week the students will get certified in CPR and first aid. Red Cross is doing the training and the Early child Coalition from United Way is paying for the training and certification. This will be taught through Chapel Deaton’s child development classes.

  4. New Members Possibilities – think about any parents that we could add to the SHAC team for next year. All current members have agreed to come back next year to serve on the committee.


  5. 2020 Annual Written Report is approved and sign by Paula Moore.

SHAC Meeting 2/3/21 


In Attendance: 


Nicki Holbert, Jeanette Holding, Kendra Bennett, Jessica Longley, Krista Tiller, Sarah Bowles, and Paula Moore, Attending remotely: Kristin Lennon, Cherise Talley, Brittanie Brown, Merileigh Johnson, and Chelsea Rychener  


  1. 1.  Quarantine – The Region2/3 Health Department is still recommending a 14 day quarantine for students and staff.  The school board will discuss at the next meeting to possibly shorten the quarantine period. The SHAC committee was split on thoughts of the 14 vs 10 day quarantine. A couple were fine with 10 days, but a couple felt very strongly about keeping the 14 day quarantine to be cautious. If you have had both vaccinations, you will still be required to quarantine if you are a close contact to a positive case. 



  1. 2.  United Regional Wellness Lab – This was cancelled last year because it was scheduled the week after spring break. This is offered to staff, spouses and retired staff. We do have approval to do the lab this year and it is currently scheduled for Wednesday, March 3 from 6:30 am to 9:30. It will be open to all campuses. There will be no buffet breakfast. It will be more likely be grab-n-go breakfast burritos. Yvette Slagle can do them and bring them up at 6 that morning in a warmer and then come back to pick up. PTO is considering helping with this expense but they may not be able to pay it all. Jeanette may be asking the campuses to pitch in to help cover the cost of the burritos. It is normally around 60 people that participate. The price will be $15. 



  1. 3. Other items per each campus – Jessica Longley has already done the elementary and the junior high hot topics program. She may need to go back to do the 5th grade boys because there were some issues the first time Jessica came. The high school program is scheduled for April 4 and it will be with Coach Kabisch in freshman biology. A letter went home with kids to let parents know that the spinal screening was not done at school and that they should make sure that they have their regular doctor appointment and let them know that they didn’t get a spinal screening.  


The Serenity Foundation have been doing their programs at junior high. Also the Positive Action Bullying Program and 2 Good for Drugs are done at the junior high. Chelsea Rychener mentioned  that the Grant Halliburton Foundation will still be offering virtual sessions with openings for the mental health program – the info is posted on the SHAC TEAMS page. 


  1. 4.  The last SHAC meeting of the year will be on Wednesday, March 24, 2021. 


SHAC Meeting 12/16/2020


Person - Jeanette Holding, Kendra Bennett, Kristin Lennon, Sarah Bowles

Virtual – Merileigh Johnson, Brittanie Brown, Cherise Talley and Chelsea Rychener

Quarantine Guideline Options –

  • CDC updated their quarantine guidelines.
  • The Region 2/3 Health Department and the local health official (Dr. Greer) recommend staying with the current 14 days. The school board wanted to leave things as they are for now and revisit at the January meeting.
  • You can look at the options on the CDC website for quarantine. 

Masonic Lodge will donate toothbrushes, timers, toothpaste, etc. for the 1st graders. They are just dropping off the packages this time and letting the teachers handle the program. This will be handled through Mrs. Talley’s and Mrs. Clevenger’s classes. 

Chelsea Rychener – Tx Department of Health Services –

  • Suicide Prevention Presentation will be offered for 6th – 12th grades and their parents. So, there would be two different presentations. There is information in Teams. These would be offered virtually with up to 500 participants.
  • Life jacket loner station is now at Lake Arrowhead. If she has information about that program, she’ll send it to Jeanette. 

    Jessica Longley can come and do the Hot Topics training with 5th graders the week of Jan. 19-22. 

    Upcoming Meetings at 4:00 p.m.

    • January 27
    • March 24


SHAC Meeting 10/14/2020 


In Attendance:Jessica Longley, Krista Tiller, Nicki Holbert, Jeanette Holding, Kendra Bennett, Merileigh Johnson, Kristin Lennon, Cherise Talley, Brittanie Brown, Gary Wallace, 

Sarah Bowles, Melody Smith, Caren Rangel and Paula Moore.

Jessica Longley – Relationships Under Construction/Puberty Class - Jessica will schedule with Cherise for Elementary, Merileigh for Junior High and Rochelle Kabisch for high school.

Lions Club brought SPOT machine to HES on 9/14/20 and screened HS, PK and kindergarten. Henrietta Pharmacy provided flu clinic service to staff on HISD on 10/07/20. 57 people signed up and came except those that could not come on campus at the time and had to arrange to go to the pharmacy.

Task Force Committee was a committee put together to open schools and their service is now complete. Kendra said that a thank you letter is being put together for all those that served on the committee.

Scot Clayton letter addressed and encouraged mask wearing at younger ages and that wearing a mask could affect close contact and quarantine determination. Kendra said that the school board is talking about the mask policy at the younger grade levels. The committee also brought up that quarantined students should also be quarantined outside of school, but of course that is hard to enforce. The committee discussed that the younger students should be encouraged and possibly required to wear masks to keep students from possible quarantine situations. Kendra talked to someone at the WF health dept and she recommended at least 1st grade and up to wear masks. The frustration would be for a student that wore a mask consistently would be subject to quarantine because another student did not wear a mask. A parent asks about why a sibling of a quarantined student would not have to quarantine and Jeanette explained that the sibling would be a secondary contact and would only be required to quarantine if the sibling that was a primary close contact developed symptoms or tested positive. Jeanette also explained how Scot’s letter explained the reinstatement of the required 14-day quarantine regardless of a doctor’s release.

Band – concern of close contact needing to be considered closer to take playing instruments into account. If they are playing an instrument that requires blowing into an instrument, then the close contact might need to be further than 6 feet.

Other COVID-19 Concerns

Next Meeting is December 16th at 4:00 location TBD. 

SHAC Meeting - March 4, 2020


In Attendance: Jeanette Holding, Melody Smith, Sherri Halsell, Shelby Teague, David Smith, Sarah Bowles, Merileigh Johnson, Nicki Holbert, Brittanie Brown, Krista Tiller, Jessica Longley, Paula Moore, Cherise Talley

  • Review recent programs:
    • No One Eats Alone at HJH – Went really well. Jessy Watford with Superior Health Plan helped put this on.
    • Measured by Character Program was put on at HJH and HHS went really well.
    • Vaping Education parent night and student programs. Both programs went very well. There were 27 adult guests that came to the parent program and the feedback from those present was very positive. The parent program was hosted at the HISD Administration on Monday, Feb. 17 @ 6:30 pm. The student programs were hosted at the HHS Auditorium on Tuesday, Feb. 18, High School @ 8:30 and Junior High @ 10:30.


  • Scheduling RUC 20/21 will be completed in the fall.


  • Scheduling Clean Hands Program for fall of 2020 at HES will be completed fall 2020.


  • CC Child and Adolescent Committee – Will be having a babysitting academy the week after spring break. They also hope to plan another babysitting academy on a Saturday during the summer.
  • Misc. – Mr. Smith brought up concerns for the committee to consider. The first concern was the handshaking that happens very often at all campuses. During cold and flu season and especially with the current coronavirus concern there is a great concern for the spread of germs. Suggested to possibly stop the handshaking. Mr. Smith also brought up the concern that if we ended up being quarantined for a certain amount of time that we have a plan for students to continue learning in some fashion at home. Another concern was the attendance policy and consequences /rewards for students to have good attendance at school, including the exception policy at the high school. Mr. Smith said that he would like the district to consider waiving these policies so as not to encourage them to come to school when they are sick.


  • Brittanie Brown will have a new lunch item for students to try after spring break.The item will be a freshly made type of" Lunchablee with fresh fruit and vegetables.


  • Sherri Halsell mentioned another program HISD may be interested in for next year called Drinking Under Influence. This program can be scheduled through the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension office and would be available for HJH and HHS.



  • EOY SHAC Report
    • Approved by the committee.

SHAC Meeting - January 15, 2020


In Attendance: Jeanette Holding, Sherri Halsell, Jessica Longley, Sarah Bowles, Cherise Talley, Paula Moore, Brittanie Brown


  • Remaining SHAC Dates for the Year: Wednesday, March 4th  at 4 pm.
  • In the last meeting, we will have the end of the year report to go over so we can submit it.
  • Sherri Halsell has the Junior High and High School Vaping Program (45-minute program) booked for February 18th. The presenter is offering to do a parent program the night before. The program is free of charge. Bobby Brooks is the presenter and she is with the Texas AgriLife Extension. The high school time will be 8:30 and the junior high time is 10:30. The Jr. High students will be transported over to the high school. The other schools invited to the program are Petrolia, Midway, and Bellevue. The parent meeting will be the night before from 6:30 – 7:15. Mrs. Holding will call Brandie Watson to see if we can have it at the Admin building. Mrs. Halsell is going to put the information about the vaping program in the Clay County Leader.
  • Opioid education recommendation- Still reviewing and looking into an acceptable program.
  • Friday, Feb 14th – Anti-Bullying program, No One Eats Alone, a program for the entire HJH School. Superior Health Plan, Jessie Watford is the presenter. Presentation in the junior high gym then, split into small groups after that.
  • Wellness lab scheduled for HISD teachers/staff on Wednesday, March 18, 2020. Cost $15 Breakfast served after you get your labs. Going to talk with Jennifer Murphy about PTO providing the breakfast. 

SHAC Meeting December 4, 2019


In Attendance: Jeanette Holding, Melody Smith, Sherri Halsell, Chapel Deaton, Krista Tiller, Jessica Longley, Sarah Bowles, Tera Green, Merileigh Johnson, Nicki Holbert

  Remaining SHAC Dates for the Year: Wednesday, January 15 and March 4th at 4pm.

This will be Tera Green's last meeting. Chelsea Rychener from Arlington office will be the next community health nurse coming to the SHAC meetings.

Texas Agrilife Extension. The high school proposed time will be 8:30 a.m. and the junior high proposed time is 10:30 a.m.  The principals will  give the final approval for the time. The other schools that will be invited are Petrolia, Midway and Bellevue. The parent meeting will be the night before from 6:30 - 7:15 p.m. in the high school cafeteria.

Friday Feb 14
th - Anti-Bullying program, No One Eats Alone, program for the entire HJH school. Superior Health Plan, Jessie Watford is the presenter. Presentation in the junior high gym then, split into small groups after that.


New Committee Formed: Clay County Child and Adolescent Committee inviting new members. Chapel Deaton, Melody Smith, Chelsea Rychener, and many others have been getting together try to find the needs in the community. They are trying to get a survey together to send home to see what the community sees as the need. For example: after school programs for students, etc...


Sherri Halsell has the Junior High and High School Vaping Program (45-minute program} booked for February 18th. The presenter is offering to do a parent program the night before. The program is free of charge. Bobbi Brooks is the presenter and she is with the

SHAC Meeting October 2, 2019

In attendance: Jeanette Holding, Melody Smith, Merileigh Johnson, Jessica Longley, Nicki Holbert, Paula Moore

SHAC dates for the year: Wednesday, December 4th, January 15th and March 4th at 4 pm in the HES Conference Room.

1. Stop the Bleed Program, bleeding control kits, House Bill 496

Must be implemented by January 1. So we will do the minimum now to meet the requirement, then discuss if we want to put a kit in every classroom in the future. Kits are $200 in a case or $60-$70 for just the contents. All the staff members also have to participate in the stop the bleed program through training and even kids in school have to be trained on it from 7th grade up.

2. Path to the Plate option instead of bike rodeo in spring. Any other ideas? Path their food takes from the farm to their plate. Sent out email with information. 2nd grade could even be a good grade to hit, but this program is only 3rd grade and up. We need to think of some other options that would be good alternatives.

HJH and HHS Counselors show an interest in a vaping prevention education program for their students.

3. Relationships Under Construction/Puberty Class

Puberty class scheduled for 5th grade HES and RUC at HJH? What about HHS?
HES Parent Night 10/8 6pm
Puberty Class 10/15-10/16
Gaskey's 7th and 8th grade  11/18 all week
Vicker's 6th and 7th grade 12/2-6 all week
R. Kabisch biology classes 3/16 all week

4. Opioid Addiction - Information from Mr. Clayton about new house bill requirements. Jeanette shared resources to help with program that the SHAC could recommend to the board. Melody suggested ARCADIA (Abilene agency that covers Clay County) School districts is supposed to have drug prevention curriculum.

5. New members: Jessica Longley

6. Misc.

Sherri - handwashing program scheduled @ HES in October

Oct. 7  - The Lion's Club is coming with their spot machine to check vision on kids. It is for Head Start, Pre-K and Kinder.

Susie Lynn with United Way is going to be a volunteer for parent programs.


2019 Annual Written Report

SHAC Meeting 3/6/19

In attendance: Chrystal Compean, Paula Moore, Jeanette Holding, Brittanie Brown, Jessica Longley, Cherisse Talley, Merileigh Johnson, Nicki Holbert

1. Guest Speaker: Jessica Longley

Jessica started working for RUC, Relationships Under Construction an SRA Program (sexual risk avoidance – otherwise known as abstinence till marriage – there is no such thing as safe sex before marriage). This program follows the TEKS required. See attached handout for program information. It is a 5 day program for grades 6-9. Jessica said she would still come and do our 5th grade puberty program on her own in future years. Relationships Under Construction.pdf

2. Suggestions for new parent members – Merileigh offered a few suggestions for parents.

3. End of Year Report – all members reviewed and approved the end of year report as submitted.

SHAC Meeting 1/23/2019

In attendance: Tamie Williams, Paula Moore, Jeanette Holding, Brittanie Brown, Sherri Halsell Melody Smith, Nicki Holbert

1. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 6th.

2. The United Regional Wellness Lab is Scheduled for all staff/spouses. Last year over 70 people participated. PTO will provide a healthy breakfast for participants. Teachers and spouses, retired teachers and SHAC members are welcomed to participate. It is $15 per person.

3. The Health Fair will be Thursday, April 25th from 8:15 - 11:00 (except for exercise in the gym). All the spots are filled.

4. Misc. Sherri Halsell will be hosting a pressure cooker class on Tuesday, Feb. 5, from 5:30-7:30 at the Catholic Church. Call the office if you want your name on the list to attend  the cost for the class is $20.00.

Elementary Field Day is scheduled for April 26, 2019.

SHAC Meeting 12/6/18

In Attendance: Jeanette Holding, Merileigh Johnson, Cherise Talley, Tamie Williams, Melody Smith, Paula Moore


  1. Remaining SHAC dates for this school year- January 23 and March 6, 2019
  2. Vaping and Digital Citizenship and Responsibilities- The Jr. High and HS held a parent information meeting on the topic of both vaping and social media safety on Thursday, November 15.There were various presenters and informational sheets were available for parents in attendance. School counselors continue to teach lessons on these topics as well, and also incorporate presenters from Serenity House to educate our students in these areas.
  3. Fundraisers and Donations- The Lions Club held a fundraiser at Jefe’s on Friday, October 26 and about $400 was given back to the organization.They also sold drinks at the annual Christmas parade. There have also been donations from the Pecan Shed and individuals to help the cause.
  4. Hot Topics- Jessica Longley educated 7th grade students at JH last week.She will be presenting to 5th graders at HES next week.She will then teach 9th graders at the HS in the near future.
  5. HES Health Fair- The event for the 4th and 5th graders will take place on Thursday, April 25.Currently, 6 of the 8 stations are filled:Sherri- Sugar Shockers, Jerri- No Tobacco, Bill- Path to the Plate, Melody- Dental, Andrea- Cyberbullying, Volunteer- Exercise Bingo.Melody will look into filling the other 2 stations and report back to Jeanette after the first of the year.Jessica Longley will also conduct a Zumba class after all students have attended the stations.

SHAC Meeting 10/17/2018


In Attendance: Jeanette Holding, Nicki Holbert, Paula Moore, Merileigh Johnson, Krisi Allen, Chrystal Compean, Sherry Halsell 

1. SHAC dates for 2018/2019 school year
December 5, 2018
January 23, 2019
March 6, 2019


2.  Clean hands and germ prevention – Clay County Extension Office Sherry Halsell just did the program at the Elementary with every grade, just finished headstart yesterday.


3.  Lions club fund raiser October 26th at Jefe’s from 5pm-9pm, they will be donating 10% of proceeds. Jeanette is going to email Paula the flyer so she can post an event on Facebook. They are not doing a newspaper ad because of the cost.


4.  Health Fair in the spring for the 4th and 5th graders. Sherry said she could do a sugar lesson instead of physical bingo, or have someone else do the physical bingo. Jerry is still going to do a tobacco lesson.  

Every other year: Past Programs (8 slots)

Serenity – Alcohol and stress
Endurance Houses – Exercise and bikes
Natural Grocers
Heatlin Ortho
Laura Pressler United Region – atv safety, etc
Jerry – tobacco
Sherry – exercise bingo
521 program
Jessica Longley – Zumba in the gym
Another idea – Path to the Plate (program Sherry suggested) Bill could do this.
Volunteer could do the bingo so Sherry could do the sugar shockers

 5.  Digital Citizenship and Responsibilities / Social Media and Gaming Disorder
Sergeant Dan Buesing from WFPD said he would do this program for us if we’re interested.  There is a need for this kind of information. Jeanette shared information from a webinar that she watched over the summer. We should be on the lookout for a program that we can bring to the school and also do a parent information night.

6.      Misc.

HES Members?



In Attendance: Cherise Talley, Brittanie Brown, Tammy Williams, Sherri Halsell, Merileigh Johnson

1.       Bike Rodeo:

It went really well this year. Volunteers were provided with lunch and many students brought bikes to participate in the rodeo and receive a helmet.

Stations & Presenters included:

  • Concussion & Safety (Health Dept Nurse – Tera Green)
  • EMTs from hospital (CCMH)
  • Pedestrian Walk (Tish Beaver & McGruff)
  • Rollover Station (Tish Beaver & DPS State Troopers)

 2.       Lion’s Club will be at Turkey Fest April 7 selling water and lemonade to help raise money for vouchers for glasses for our students.

 3.       SHAC parent members:

New Parent Members: Suggestions of new SHAC parent members for the 2018-2019 school year are to be presented before the first meeting of next school year.

4.       Reviewed and approved the proposed Henrietta ISD School Health Advisory Council 2018 Annual Written Report. Paula Moore will sign the report which will be submitted to the Henrietta ISD Board of Trustees on April 12, 2018.




In Attendance: Jeanette Holding, Nicki Holbert, Paula Moore, Merileigh Johnson, Cherise Talley, Melody Smith, Brittanie Brown, Tammy Williams, Sherri Halsell ( by phone)

1. Last SHAC meeting of the year: March 28 @ 4:00 p.m.

2. 5th grade and HHS Hot Topics.
Jessica Longley did a great job for 5th grade and 9th grade.

3. Bicycle Rodeo: March 23, 2018

Carla Patty said she couldn’t do our Bike Rodeo because she couldn't come to Clay County, so Tish Beaver has agreed to do it. She is bringing the rollover station & pedestrian walk.

4 Stations (For a total of an hour):

Concussion & Safety (Health Dept Nurse - Tera Green)

EMTs from hospital (CCMH)
(Looking at Alternate Station: Ross Colman & Athletes)

Pedestrian Walk (Tish Beaver)
McGruff might help with this station.

Rollover Station (Tish Beaver)

We have Left Over Helmets – Large 14, Medium 37, Small 2. Sherri has ordered XLarge 2, Large 6, Medium 20, Small 2. Dr. Greer will help with probably half the cost of the helmets.

If our PTO doesn't have enough money to pay for the additional helmets needed, Sherri will find more sponsors.

We will still work on getting volunteers to help in all areas around the stations, and talk to the coaches to contact the athletes to see if some of them could come help talk at the concussion station. Possibly talk to someone about horse/helmet safety as an alternate station. Sherri is also going to check on someone to talk about rodeo safety that could possibly be a station with the athletes in place of the EMT station. Stations need to be set up and ready by 12:00 and plan on staying till 3:15.

The helmets are going to be put together before.

Volunteers the day of the rodeo: Tammy Williams, Melody Smith, Chapel Deaton, Cindy Dunkerley. Brittanie said she could help in the morning as well. Dunkerley and Talley can check in bikes in the morning. Volunteers need to arrive by 11:30 at the parking lot next to the track. They will need to sign in the front office yet.

4. Wellness Lab – March 21, 2018

6:30 – 9:00 am PTO will provide breakfast items.


SHAC Meeting



In Attendance: Jeanette Holding, Sherri Halsell, Paula Moore, Merileigh Johnson, Cherise Talley, Melody Smith, Tara Green

1. Hot Topics

We are looking at doing the program in the fall this year instead of the spring for the junior high and high school. Last year it was done through 7th grade science and 9th grade Biology. Also, the elementary would also like to have Jessica Longley come to do the talks to the elementary. Jeanette said the program costs about $250 for a full day. By state law it is abstinence based.

2. SHAC Dates for Next Year

The next SHAC meeting is scheduled for December 13. We will look at spring dates and schedule those later.

3. Think of new parents

The SHAC committee is supposed to consist of more parents than school employees. Chrystal Compean (HHS parent) normally comes. Sheila Catron (HJH parent) normally comes and is a great resource is for our committee. Heather Dillard (HES & HJH Parent) came to one meeting last year - hopefully she will come back. Melody Smith (HES, HJH, & HHS parent) is a new member. Jessica Longley would be an idea as an HES parent. Tammy Williams would be an idea for a HJH and HHS parent.


4. Wellness Policy Evaluation

Handouts included Student Welfare Wellness and Health Services FFA Local and Wellness Policy Assessment Tool. The committe read through the assessment tool and answered the questions for each section.

5. Any Misc?

This year will be the bike safety rodeo.

Melody asked if anyone in our district had talked about Community Resource Collaboration Group.

 We are looking into whether the Lion’s Club will continue to provide support for eyeglass exams and eyeglasses. Sherri said the ministerial alliance would be another idea that would fund eyeglasses to families in need. Mr. Lowery is supposed to be checking with the main office.


SHAC Minutes

March 29, 2017

In attendance: Jeanette Holding, Carol Patterson, Chrystal Compean, Cherise Talley, Nicki Holbert

Health Fair:

It went really well this year. Everyone showed up! Got good feedback from the kids based on the survey. Presenters included: Endurance House, Heetland Ortho, Sherri Halsell & Jerri Skelton, Laura Pressler – URHC, WFHD, Serenity House, Natural Grocers, Jessica Longley – Zumba.

Wellness Lab:

Had 64 people (employees and spouses) show up.

New Members for next year:

We need one more elementary parent and one more high school parent.

Current –

HES - Heather Dillard

HJH – Paula Moore, Sheila Catron

HHS – Chrystal Compean

Wellness Policy Review –

As far as we know everything is ok. Carol hasn’t received any more updates from the service center since she has taken over. Jeanette is just going to look at the wellness policy posted online and make sure it looks like it is correct and up to date.


Permission slips/opt out for Hot Topics? Jeanette will ask for her to get opt out letters to us 2 weeks in advance. The junior high and high school may request to budget money to include the entire hot topics program next year.

Reviewed and approved the proposed Henrietta ISD School Health Advisory Council 2017 Annual Written Report. Paula Moore signed the report which will be submitted to the Henrietta ISD Board of Trustees on April 13, 2017.




SHAC Meeting


In attendance: Cherise Talley, Paula Moore, Nicki Holbert, Jeanette Holding, Clint Perkins

Health Fair – March 10, 2017 in the morning for 4th and 5th grade

Endurance House – Being healthy with an active lifestyle, BMX bikes

Natural Grocers – Healthy Snacks

United Regional – Safety when riding an ATV, seatbelt safety, what to expect in an ambulance ride, trip to the emergency room, etc…

Heetland Orthodontics – Dental Hygiene

Serenity House – Stress and alcohol abuse


Jessica Longley - Zumba

Texas Department of Health of Archer City – Poison Look-Alikes

Sherri Halsell Texas Ag- Exercise Bingo

Jerri Skelton Texas Ag- Lungs and smoking


Hot Topics – Mr. Perkins is going to look into scheduling a couple days of Hot Topics at the High School.

The next meeting is March 29, 2017.


SHAC Meeting

December 14, 2016


In Attendance: Jeanette Holding, Carol Patterson, Cherise Talley, Chrystal Compean, Paula Moore, Sheila Catron, Heather Dillard, Nicki Holbert


Dates for next SHAC Meeting: February 8, 2017 and March 29, 2017


    1. Nicki Holbert and Hot Topics – The junior high has contracted with Jessica Longley to have 5 days of the hot topics program at the junior high. She is scheduled to come do the program thru the science classes

      Friday, May 12 – Combined Boys and Girls (Program days 1,2 3)

      Monday, May 15 – Girls (Program day 4)

      Tuesday, May 16 – Boys (Program day 4)

      Monday, May 22 – Girls (Program day 5)

      Tuesday, May 23 – Boys (Program day 5)


      Mrs. Holding said she has enough money to also pay for 2 days at the high school if they want to schedule it.


      We will see how this program goes and then discuss whether we want to continue with the Hot Topic program or go back to Aim for Success.


    3. Health Fair – March 10, 2017 for 4th -5th grades – 8 sessions, 4 for 4th and 4 for 5th. In the past she has had Jessica Longly do Zumba in the gym.

      Other ideas: Endurance House – trick bikes, Texas Dept of Health for Archer City – maybe poisoning program, Trista Eason – personal training & nutrition, Sherri Halsell & Jerry – not sure if they will be able to participate this year, Natural Grocers – nutritious snack alternative, Jessica Bachman from Area Food Bank - came to head start to talk about nutrition, Linda Treadway at Sams – in charge of community programs maybe nutritious snacks, Lacy Edwards works at the health dept in Wichita Falls – does smoking, diabetes education, Serenity Foundation – positive choices (tobacco, drug alcohol, stress), DARE program won’t service Clay County for a program, Rose Street – gaming addiction, Dental Hygiene – MSU school and the previous presenter.


    5. Misc. – Sheila Catron said she has a big supply of clothes and undergarments that she can donate to the elementary school and junior high.




SHAC Meeting
October 26, 2016

Present were Paula Moore, Jeanette Holding, Jessica Longley, Chrystal Compean, Cherise Talley, Carol Patterson, and Clint Perkins.

Jessica Longley was the special guest. Jessica teaches Hot topics, an abstinence based program focusing on sexual activity and drugs and alcohol.

 The 5 day course consists of DVDs, lectures, and power point. You can also do a smaller program tailored for your specific needs and wants. Jr high classes are more about making good choices, self esteem, respect, and puberty. The high school classes focus on reproduction and STDs. Jessica said she also has quizzes about the course if you need daily grades and kids generally pay closer attention if they know there is a grade. Also if there is a specific concern at the school, she can tailor to that. It also touches on Bullying. The price of the program is $200 a day.

The elementary invested in the Great Body Shop for 5th grade. It has units over nutrition, injury, HIV, drugs, PE, consumer health,etc. Every student gets a booklet. It has not came in yet, but it covers all 5th grade TEKS. It should come in by November.

Mr. Perkins and Mrs. Stanford will be going over High school TEKS. There is no health class. There are certain classes that touch on these topics, but not all students get them. Mr. Perkins said he will talk to Mr. Smiley and Mrs. Stanford about the presenter.

4th and 5th grade health fair is in the spring. Be thinking of ideas or presentors to be discussed at December meeting.

Carol Patterson did a survey with the high school and elementary on breakfast menu. She said she would like to do something educational with the students so they understand the requirements and why we have to follow them.



SHAC Meeting


In attendance: Sherri Halsell, Kim Hollar, Paula Moore, Chrystal Compean, Cherise Talley, Brittanie Brown, Nicki Holbert, Jeanette Holding


  1. The End of Year SHAC Report was submitted at last board meeting.

  3. Bike Rodeo

    • Permission slip and flyers sent home.

    • Karly Patty is coming instead of Mr. Beachum

    • 4 stations will be set up other than the bike rodeo: TDSHS (concussion, helmet, safety), roll-over, pedestrian walk, McGruff

    • Volunteers that have confirmed that they will be there: Karly Patty, Sherri Halsell, Jerri Skelton, Sheila Catron, Paula Moore, Julie Murphy, Julie Murphy, Patti Shearing, Kenya Henderson, Cindy Dunkerly, Bill Holcomb, Nala Chambers, Sarah Bowles, Trish Bryant, Yvette Slagle & Betty Ellsworth

    • 7:15-8:00 Bike’s Arrive – Cherise Talley, Kim Hollar, Cindy Dunkerly

    • Classroom Sessions(Karly Patty in Music Room)

    • 9:00-9:30 3rd Grade Classroom Session

    • 9:35-10:05 4th Grade Classroom Session

    • 10:20-10:50 5th Grade Classroom Session

    • 10:55-12:05 Set Up Rodeo. Eat Lunch

    • Bike Rodeo

    • 12:05-1:05 4th Grade Rodeo

    • 1:10-2:10 5th Grade Rodeo
      2:15-3:15 3rd Grade Rodeo

    • _______________________________________________________________


    SHAC Meeting

    SHAC Meeting 1/13/2016 4:00 pm HES Lounge

    In Attendance: Jeanette Holding, Cherise Talley, Kim Hollar, Julie Murphy, Sherri Halsell, Paula Moore, Sheila Choate, Nicki Holbert

    Aim for Success –The parent meeting is scheduled for February 25th from 6-7 in the Henrietta Junior High cafeteria. The student program will be February 26th in the morning at the high school and in the afternoon at the junior high. This year it is the Freedom to Succeed program that will cover information about the law.

    Wellness Policy – Kim Hollar is going through our policy and updating according to the new guidelines. Some of the items that will need to be addressed will have to be coordinated with the campus principals (campus handbooks will need to be updated and adjusted during the summer so they corrected before the school year starts). We just have to be aware and working on making the adjustments required.

    Once we have the wellness policy updated, the school board will need to approve.

    We will cancel the March 9th meeting date because Kim Hollar will not be able to attend. We will look at rescheduling our next meeting for an April date to re-address the updates on the policy.

    Bicycle Rodeo – Scheduled for April 22.Sheila has scheduled Mark Beauchamp, the transportation director with the City of Wichita Falls. Arty Woods is coming as well. There are a few things that we will try to do differently to make things go smoother this year (see previous meeting notes). Sherry can get up to 50 helmets at no cost. After that they are $7 each. Dr. Greer will help us as well. Sheila will ask the PTO president if they will sponsor about 50 medium and large helmets. Dr. Greer requested that the helmets that he sponsors does not go to the same kids who received a free helmet at the last rodeo (that would be the 3rd graders who are now 5th graders. There were about 22 students). Another comment made was that the teachers needed to stay with their class through all rotations. And group leaders would take the groups from station to station. The problem is that this is during teacher’s conference time and they would have to volunteer their time off to help. Julie thought she could get 3 or 4 parent volunteers to help. Cherise will ask some parents to help as well. Volunteers will need to come at 11 until the end of the school day. Some volunteers will also need to come in the morning to help check in bikes. At least 3 people will need to be outside checking in bikes starting at 7:15 and tagging them by color according to grade level. Kim Hollar said she could come over early to help. Cherise said she will see if someone can cover her morning duty so she can help with bike check-in as well. Jeanette called the ambulance person and they thought they would be able come. Coach West said he thought the student athletes would be able to come talk to the kids about concussions and injuries. Sheila suggested an idea for a demonstration. Put 2 eggs in separate baggies – one wrapped up protectively and one with no protection. The eggs are dropped to show how the unprotected egg will crack. The committee decided it would not be a good idea to try to get "loaner" bikes for kids who don’t bring their own bikes. The other stations are set up to occupy the kids that do not have bikes to go through the bike rodeo.

    Employee Wellness Lab – They are coming March 22. The cost is $15. They will be here from 6:30 – 9:00 am. The PTO hospitality person has helped in the past. Jeanette is going to see if they will provide breakfast again this year.

    Sherri has curriculum for head start that she is going to try to introduce next year for parent meetings.

    In May, Sherri is going to come do a water conservation program for the 5th graders. They are planning it for May 13th.

    The meeting was adjourned at 4:55 pm.

    The next meeting will be re-scheduled for some time in April before April 22.


    SHAC Meeting


    In Attendance: Chrystal Compean, Kim Hollar, Sheila Catron, Vicki Yurcho, Nicki Holbert, Paula Moore

    Bicycle Rodeo – Proposed date set for Friday, April 22. Sheila will contact Mark Beachum, the transit director from the city of Wichita Falls. Also ask Sherry about the helmets being donated again this year. The committee also recommended bringing snacks and water for volunteers. Also possibly provide sunscreen for workers as well.

    • Ideas for bus kids to participate: Volunteers could bring "learner bikes" for students without bikes to use.

    • Another suggestion was to bring the activities in together close so kids don’t have to walk so far from activity to activity.

    Aim for Success – Proposed dates: Thursday Jan. 28 for parent preview meeting (from 5:30 – 6:30) and Friday Jan. 29 for the program or Thursday, Feb 25 for parent preview, Feb 26 for program

    Wellness Policy – Jeanette has forwarded the information to Scot to ask for more guidance. Kim will look over the policy as well before the next SHAC meeting on Jan. 13.


    SHAC Meeting


    In Attendance: Jeanette Holding, Misti Edwards, Chrystal Compean, Cherise Talley, Julie Murphy, Nicki Holbert, Paula Moore, Kenya Henderson

    2015-2016 Meeting Dates: 10/21/2015, 12/2/2015, 1/13/2016, 3/9/2016

    1. Suicide Prevention – Scot would like the SHAC team to preview a suicide prevention that teachers could use. Kenya Henderson (Program Specialist with DSHS) talked about a training (train the trainer) that her agency provides that targets suicide prevention. She said she would get Jeanette more information to share with Scot.

    1. Bicycle Rodeo – Mrs. Bennett does want to go ahead and plan this for the spring. Last year 211 students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. 88 kids brought bikes to school. We gave away 76 (some already had helmets). This year we have 197 students in 3-5 grades. Jeanette

    1. Mark Beachum was contact person for the rodeo. Other stations included: Pedestrian Crossing, Clay County EMTs, Rollover Car, and McGruff,

    Suggestions for this year:

    • Park bikes by grade level.

    • Color code bikes with name.

    • Bring bikes closer to rodeo.

    • After rodeo have kids take the bikes back to playground.

    • Get helmets ready before the rodeo.

    • Need at least 2 more volunteers for fitting and obstacle course.

    • Order 90% more large

      • Ideas for bus kids to be able to participate. – The will need to make arrangements to get bikes to school.

      • Get volunteers and need to be pre-approved.

      • Volunteers need to plan for sun exposure.

      • Need more high school students to talk about concussions, or at least check on the timing of it to make sure it coincides with the station times.

      • For this year the estimated times will be 4th grade 12:00 – 1:00, 5th grade 1:00-2:00, 3rd grade 2:00 – 3:00

      • Also this year the suggestion was made to get permission slip home early and brought back a few days before so that teachers can have the list of students participating.

      • The other not from last year was to bring extension cords.

    1. Misc. Sherri did the clean hands program with the elementary already. Sherri said she may not be able to make a lot of the meetings this year because of other conflicts but she will come when she can and would like to be kept up to date with SHAC information.

    On. Nov 19 from 6-8., Sherri is helping host a Healthy Dinner Tonight Program. She hung up posters in the teacher’s lounge today to promote. It will cost $15 a head of time or $20 at the door. Only the first 50 people to sign up will be able to attend because of room for seating. Sherri will also be sending out something that she is starting after Christmas to help track healthy eating habits.


    SHAC Meeting


    In Attendance: Jeanette Holding, Misti Edwards, Chrystal Compean, Cherise Talley, Julie Murphy, Nicki Holbert, Paula Moore, Kenya Henderson

    2015-2016 Meeting Dates: 10/21/2015, 12/2/2015, 1/13/2016, 3/9/2016

    1. Suicide Prevention – Scot would like the SHAC team to preview a suicide prevention that teachers could use. Kenya Henderson (Program Specialist with DSHS) talked about a training (train the trainer) that her agency provides that targets suicide prevention. She said she would get Jeanette more information to share with Scot.

    1. Bicycle Rodeo – Mrs. Bennett does want to go ahead and plan this for the spring. Last year 211 students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. 88 kids brought bikes to school. We gave away 76 (some already had helmets). This year we have 197 students in 3-5 grades. Jeanette

    1. Mark Beachum was contact person for the rodeo. Other stations included: Pedestrian Crossing, Clay County EMTs, Rollover Car, and McGruff,

    Suggestions for this year:

    • Park bikes by grade level.

    • Color code bikes with name.

    • Bring bikes closer to rodeo.

    • After rodeo have kids take the bikes back to playground.

    • Get helmets ready before the rodeo.

    • Need at least 2 more volunteers for fitting and obstacle course.

    • Order 90% more large

      • Ideas for bus kids to be able to participate. – The will need to make arrangements to get bikes to school.

      • Get volunteers and need to be pre-approved.

      • Volunteers need to plan for sun exposure.

      • Need more high school students to talk about concussions, or at least check on the timing of it to make sure it coincides with the station times.

      • For this year the estimated times will be 4th grade 12:00 – 1:00, 5th grade 1:00-2:00, 3rd grade 2:00 – 3:00

      • Also this year the suggestion was made to get permission slip home early and brought back a few days before so that teachers can have the list of students participating.

      • The other not from last year was to bring extension cords.

    1. Misc. Sherri did the clean hands program with the elementary already. Sherri said she may not be able to make a lot of the meetings this year because of other conflicts but she will come when she can and would like to be kept up to date with SHAC information.

    On. Nov 19 from 6-8., Sherri is helping host a Healthy Dinner Tonight Program. She hung up posters in the teacher’s lounge today to promote. It will cost $15 a head of time or $20 at the door. Only the first 50 people to sign up will be able to attend because of room for seating. Sherri will also be sending out something that she is starting after Christmas to help track healthy eating habits.


    SHAC Meeting
    March 18, 2015

    In Attendance:Jeanette Holding, Nicki Holbert, Irish Cook, Patti Shearin, Paula Moore

    1. Patti - Obesity and Heart Health program with the 4th and 5th graders

    Patti brought a coworker named Irish. Body Parts in a Box - game to identify body parts. She provided the handouts of the activity of what the body parts were. For example - eyeballs were peeled grapes, large olives, or pearl onions. She also provided a powerpoint of her presentation. She provided a story with a quiz for students who did not want to participate in the activity. She felt like the program went really well with the students and she had no students that did not want to participate. She said she would like to hear feedback from the teachers about what they thought about the program and what the students reported to them. Jeanette said that if Patti wanted to come up with an evaluation form she could have the students fill it out for her.

    April 6-10 - National Public Health Week - Patti wanted to know if our 4th graders could participate in a poster contest. Every student would get a small prize for participation and a judge would pick an overall winner that would get the grand prize. There would be a people choice award and a judged award. Jeanette will ask Kendra if we can participate in this.

    2. 1 st grade 3/17 and 3/18 during music/PE
    Someone from the masonic lodge came in and did a dental program with the 1st graders and gave them a dental kit.

    3. Aim for Success scheduled in April
    The parent meeting will be April 9 at the HJH cafeteria from 6-7pm. Parent letters will go home with students (return only for non-participators) and the science teachers will offer extra credit for students whose parents show up.

    The student program will be on April 10 at HHS in the morning and HJH in the afternoon.

    4. Review lab wellness and 4th and 5th grade health fair

    We had really good participation for the wellness lab. For the health fair, Jeanette had 4 groups cancel, but then she had 2 more volunteers that came through at the last minute. She ended up being short 2 stations, but it worked out ok.

    Stations she ended up with were:

    1. dental health

    3. nutrition

    5. tobacco

    7. safety and hospital admittance

    9. sun safety

    11. Exercise/stretching

    13. zumba

    5. Sherri Halsell - bike safety program and possibly a new program for staff members for next year in addition to the healthy Monday recipes

    Sherri is asking if Dr. Greer will commit to helping with the bike program for next year again.

    Sherri is going to talk to the principals about a 12 week healthy choice program that the staff could participate in. (Example - drink more water for the first week, then adding a new healthy goal each week

    6. End of the year report

    Jeanette will give it to Paula to review and sign and will submit it for the April board meeting.

    7. Misc. Jeanette suggested that the committee members remain the same for next year's committee. Everyone agreed. The next meeting will be in the fall of next school year. Jeanette will send out an email when the dates are set.

    Meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm


    SHAC Meeting
    January 14, 2015

    In Attendance:

    Jeanette Holding, Nicki Holbert, Randy Zamzow, Sherri Halsell, BJ Dunn, Paula Moore, Patti Shearin, Cherise Tally

    1. Guest Speaker: Patti Shearin, Program Specialist - Community Health Services out of Region 2-3. Provided brochure. The focus of the programs is on children. They support education/programs for childhood obesity, cutting, self-esteem, bullying, suicide prevention - she is the suicide prevention specialist. She does suicide prevention training. She also provided a bullying prevention handout and app card. She is also on a Childhood Fatality Intervention Team - we have one shared with Archer, Clay and Willbarger. Patti is coming to the fair and doing a program called "The Heart Feeds the Parts". There will be prizes for everyone who attends and also a grand prize of a marker man given through a drawing. Her assistant will also come and help. She also provided a handout about firearm related fatalities. She does a presentation on obesity and what a crisis it is in our country. She provided another handout including a student fitness report for clay county schools showing Henrietta 26% high risk, 16% no risk, 42% Achieving HFZ. She shared that if we don't get a handle on this our children will not have as long of a life expectancy as we will. This is a shift - in the past we have always had increasing life expectancy.

    2. Wellness Lab for staff scheduled for Tuesday, March 3 from 6:30 - 9:00

    Jeanette said she normally has about 60 people participate. It usually is about $15 for a complete CBC. Jeanette is in need of volunteers to bring breakfast food. Normally the PTO brings the food. Jeanette will send a list of items needed to Paula who will forward it on to the PTO.

    3. Health Fair for 4th and 5th grade is scheduled for Friday, March 6th. BJ had a suggestion for a presenter: Specialty Nurses Home Health care would like to come to do a blood sugar or blood pressure booth. Jeanette already has all her stations filled in but she will look into using them in the future for kids or teachers.

    4. February Heart Awareness – The elementary will do activities February 2-6 through PE and wear red on the 6th.

    5. Wellness Wednesday - Has been put on hold for a while because of conflicts with the elementary.

    6. Sherri is doing the hand washing activity with head start on the 20th.

    7. Next Meeting on Wednesday, March 18 at 4:00 pm  





    SHAC Meeting
    December 10, 2014

    In Attendance: Jeanette Holding, Nicki Holbert, Crystal Compean, Sherri Halsell, Paula Moore, Randy Zamzow

    1. Wellness Wednesday

    Recipes – each member provided Jeanette with a healthy recipe to share.

    PTO could possibly provide water bottles in the lounge, a fruit tray or cut fruit for water (lemon or lime wedges), or a diffuser pitcher for water. Paula brought documents from the Worksite Wellness Challenge Program. Sherri also has some information that Kendra may want to share in a newsletter each week. Sherri also shares "Dinner tonight" emails each Monday that is a heathy economical recipe with a video. Sherri will add us onto the email list to get the recipes.

    Discussed the possibility of doing a bingo or keeping scores of healthy habits and rewarding top scoring teacher a reward like a duty free day. Kendra wants to start the wellness Wednesday in January.

    2. February Heart Awareness

    Cherise will be doing activities during PE. Patti Shearing sent a couple of heart awareness things that Jeanette will share with Cherise.

    3. Aims for Success scheduled for April 10th for students. Parent program will be April 9th 6-7 in HHS cafeteria. Junior High Science teachers will send paper home to parents and give extra credit for parent participation.

    4. Heath fair ideas

    Jerry -tobacco and breathing (through straw) program.

    Sherri- (nutrition) hydration water vs sports drinks or she can do sugar

    Archer City HD - poison control

    Patti - water safety or heart health (hands on)

    URHC –

    Jessica Langley - Zumba

    Dental Program –

    BMX bike track (racing) - Jeanette needs contact info (call Lisa and ask her)

    Need ideas for 2 extra spots

    1. Patti Shearing - Program Specialist, Community Health Services with Texas Department of State Health Services - Arlington, TX. She has a program that she does with elementary age kids and provides free pedometers. Jeanette will ask about pedometers for the junior high (50 - 100 needed). She is coming to the January 14th meeting. She dropped off suicide prevention materials and can also do training for people on ACT (suicide prevention)


    SHAC Meeting
    October 29, 2014

    In Attendance: Jeanette Holding, Cherise Talley, Sheila Catron, BJ Dunn, Misti Edwards, Paula Moore, Chrystal Compean, Nicki Holbert, Vicki Yurcho, Georgetta Stanford

    SHAC Meeting October 29, 2014

    Next meeting dates: Dec 10, Jan 14, Mar 18.

    1. Bike safety Recap

    • More kids brought bikes than expected. The kids really liked it. The bike rodeo will be held every other year.

    • 211 students participated.

    • 88 students brought bikes.

    • 75 helmets were available to give away to students. Students that already had a helmet may not have gotten a helmet. Some students said they didn't have a helmet. So we actually have a few extra helmets left over.

    • We ended up doing permission slips at the last minute because it was required by the man doing the rodeo.

    • Had pre / post surveys.

    • Had 4 stations which worked out well.

    • Kids wanted to talk more about head injuries at that station but the girls that were there presenting were very shy. So the suggestion was made to get kids from high school that are willing to talk to the kids about head safety/protection.

    • Suggestion was also made to park bikes by grade level.

    • Another suggestion to have the kids move bikes out by the tennis courts closer to the time for their grade levels rodeo so there is not so much time wasted moving the bike at the time of the program.

    • Need extra people in the morning helping get bikes checked in.

    • Get helmets ready before the rodeo. Loosen straps and get the visor ready.

    • Need some large helmets (90% medium 10% large).

    • We also could have used a couple more volunteers at the obstacle course.

    • Maybe consider ideas to accommodate if bus kids want to bring a bike.

    • Make sure that volunteers are on the approved list to volunteer.

    • Need a few really long extension cords ready in advance.

    2. November Diabetic Awareness Month

    • Cherise Talley has a few games/activities that she will do during November 10-14.

    • Kristin suggested a "Be Aware" color sheet that all the kids could do.

    3. Possible Aim for Success Dates: May 15, May 19, and May 20.

    4. Wellness Wednesday.

    • Mrs. Bennett wanted to think about ideas to promote a wellness Wednesday. Teachers could participate and model healthy behaviors to the kids. Maybe after January this would be a good time to do a kick off.

    • Every SHAC member will email Jeanette a healthy recipe to share by the next meeting on Dec 10.

    • Idea bingo sheet to track healthy choices. Sheila will see if she can find a bingo sheet to tweak.

    5. Health Fair Ideas for March 6

    • For 4th and 5th graders

    • Rotate through stations every 15 minutes.

    • Jessica Longly does Zumba with the kids at the last station.

    • Need 8 people/stations.

    • The high fidelity mannequin’s budget was cut so they will not be able to come.

    • Past volunteers: Dental hygiene (Gretchen Wolf or MSU students), Nutrition (Sherry Halsell) Tobacco/drugs (Sherry), Sun safety, Poison control, Atv safety, seat belt safety, Bike safety.

    • New ideas would be from motor cross and people with beer goggles.

    • Sheila is going to contact a friend about bringing a sports car that is fixed up that the kids can get in and take pictures.

    6. Other items

    • The SHAC may need to sign off on an updated wellness policy due to new requirements.

    Meeting Adjourned at 4:50 pm.


    SHAC Meeting
    March 5, 2014


    In Attendance: Jeanette Holding, Cindy Dunkerley, Sheila Catron, Sherri Halsell, Misti Edwards, Paula Moore, Chrystal Compean, Nicki Holbert

    Bike Safety Program – April 11, 2014

    • We will need to give Mike the times for the schedule (included below).

    • Mike will also bring the pedestrian safety city.

    • McGruff with the crime dog will come to talk to the kids as well.

    • Mike will bring his own staff to fit helmets and also people from the hospital can help with that.

    • Only the kids that bring their bike will get a helmet or be able to ride through the course.

    • We are providing the helmets - but Sherri has possible sponsors.

    • Sheila will contact PTO volunteers.

    • Sherri will contact a coach about helmet safety.

    • To be covered:

    • Bike safety

    • Pedestrian safety

    • Rollover people

    • Sport helmet safety

    • A flyer will go home with the students. Parents will need to sign and return to receive the free helmet.

    • Kids that bring their bike will get a free bike inspection.

    • Parent volunteers will be needed to run the lines through the rodeo. Sheila will call on this.

    • Here is the schedule for the day:

    • 9:00 - 9:30 3rd grade class talk

    • 9:35 - 10:05 5th grade class talk

    • 10:20 - 10:50 4th grade class talk

    • 12:15 - 1:15 5th Grade Rodeo

    • 1:20 - 2:20 3rd Grade Rodeo

    • 2:25 - 3:25 4th Grade Rodeo

    • Sheila will confirm all details with Jeanette by Monday. Sherri will call to find out how many helmets she can get free, then see about sponsors that could provide extras.

    2014 Annual Written Report

    • Report is approved as presented to the committee with the following additions:

      • Add on to #3. The SHAC recommends the bike safety program to be scheduled every other year.

    Meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm


    SHAC Meeting


    This meeting was called to order at 4:05 pm in the Henrietta Elementary Conference Room.

    In attendance: Jeanette Holding, Misty Edwards, Sheila Choate, B.J. Dunn, Paula Moore, Nicki Holbert, Vicki Yurcho, Cindy Dunkerley

    Agenda Items:

    1.Fitness Gram

    This is a state requirement for 3-12 grades. Students’ physical fitness must be assessed each year and sent in to the state. We use the program called Fitness Gram. Any parent that wants a copy of it has the right to see it. We've done this 2007.

    2.Bicycle Safety Program

    In the October meeting, the committee talked about the need for a bicycle safety program because of the lack of student's knowledge of bicycle safety. Penny and Cindy did a program with the students as well already. Sheila Choate shared information about a bike safety program. "Bike Safe" is the name of the program. Wichita Falls has purchased the program. Mark Beecham is the city works department head in Wichita Falls. He volunteered to come and do it for free. Sherri also found someone that will donate 100 free helmets. The program goes up through the 8th grade. The can do a 30 min lesson during class, and they also offer a bicycle rodeo, which can be done on a Saturday or a special day. He likes to have law enforcement there during the program. He also likes to invite Patsy Walls with TXDot. They will bring the car dummy to show the older kids. He also likes to invite Transforming Texas – this organization will talk about family fitness and healthy living. They will give away a lot of free stuff. The bicycle program can be put on through school, or after school as a community program. The concern is that the kids that really need it will not come outside of school, so it might be more beneficial for it to be a part of the school day. The committee thought it would be better to do it late in the spring (possibly) after testing when it will be fresh in the students’ minds for the summer.

    The guy from the bike shop will also come out and do free bike repairs. Jeanette and Cindy will talk to Kendra about doing the program at the elementary. The junior high would be interested in the classroom program/presentation but probably not the rodeo.

    3. Misc.

    Meeting was adjourned at 4:45 pm. The next meeting is scheduled for January 29, 2014.

      SHAC Meeting

    The meeting was called to order at 4:15 pm in the Henrietta High School Cafeteria.

    In attendance: Sheila Choate, Sherri Halsell, Chrystal Compean, Nicki Holbert, Jeanette Holding

    Agenda Items:

    1. Cindy D.- Organ Wise Guys K-5.

    Also had Sherri with Ag Office do hand washing program with K-5 students at beginning of the year during PE/Music time.

    Bicycle safety training K-5 grade levels completed during PE/Music.

    Cindy did the program, Organ Wise Guys, with the kindergarten through fifth graders. It is a puppet program worth $500 provided through the extension agency.

    Sherri did a very beneficial and successful training with the students over proper hand washing.

    A teacher reported that 2 different students nearly had accidents on the way to school because they were not riding their bikes safely and some of the traffic on East Crafton goes pretty fast. Penny and Cindy showed the videos on bicycle safety to the kids which went over the following topics: rules of the road, signs and helmets. Most students in Henrietta do not wear helmets. Sheila mentioned that she thought either Hotter than Hell or TXDOT had a good bicycle program that the committee thought would be beneficial to our students. It is a program that they do at the health fair at the health department in Wichita Falls. Sheila will try to get a hold of someone to get information about the bicycle program and have them contact Cindy Dunkerley to set up.

    2. Aim for Success

    Aim for Success is a junior high and high school program promoting abstinence. Jeanette is going to try to bring the program in again this year (if her budget allows). The junior high and high school need to coordinate to plan when would be a good date for the program.

    3. Scales

    Sheila has found scales that we can have if we need them in our district. She can get the old-fashion slide kind or the electronic kind. Jeanette requested the old-fashion slide kind with the height measuring ability. Jeanette will contact Cindy Dunkerley to see if she would like to have one.

    4. Other

    No other items.

    The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 pm.


    SHAC Meeting

    The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm in the Henrietta Elementary Conference Room.

    In attendance: Paula Moore, Sheila Choate, Misty Edwards, BJ Dunn, Sherri Halsell, Chrystal Compean, Nicki Holbert

    Agenda Items:

    1. Review end of the year report.

    Report was reviewed and accepted unanimously by the committee.

    2. Members for next year and chairperson for next school year.

    All members present agreed to serve for next year, including Paula Moore as chairperson.

    3. Misc.

    This year’s Health fair was a big success. Sherri will make sure that next year she will have a survey without a name field on it to maintain confidentiality. Mrs. Holding cut the top of the survey off this year where the student name field was to ensure student confidentiality.

    Sheila has been working on obtaining another scale for the nurse to keep at the junior high. United Regional said they would give us a free used scale when they replace theirs this summer.

    Sherri needs to speak with Kendra to see if they want to get an educational kit called Organ Wise that teaches about organ health. It is for K-2 and includes puppets, lessons, games, books, etc… It includes $1500 worth of stuff that HES can get for free if they do 20 hours lessons and the pre and post surveys. Blue Cross Blue Shield will pay for it if she gets approval by the school before May. Sherri has this educational kit in all her other schools.

    The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm.


    SHAC Meeting

    In Attendance: Jeanette Holding, Misty Edwards, Sheila Choate, Vicki Yurcho, Sherri Halsell, Jessica Longley, Chrystal Compean, Georgetta Stanford, Jeanette Holding, Nicki Holbert

    1. Jessica Longley – Jessica shared her program with the committee. It is called Hot Topics. It is an abstinence based sex education. She is currently teaching her program in the districts of Iowa Park, Holliday, and Wichita Falls. Handout provided with examples of each day of the program.

    2. Aim for Success – Jeanette handed out the survey results to the committee members.

    3. Fundraiser update – The fundraiser dinner is February 8. Tickets are $10. It will be a Mexican dinner at Elks lodge in Wichita Falls from 6-11. (There is a student in Kindergarten that was diagnosed with diabetes a week before school started. The parents want to get a diabetic warning dog. The dog costs $15,000 but they need $3000 to pick out the dog and train.)

    4. The last SHAC meeting of the year will be on March 20, 2013 at 4:00 in the HISD board room. The end of the year report to the school board is due in April, so the committee will review and approve the report at this time.

    5. United regional lab is coming for HISD staff and spouses on Tuesday, March 26. They will be here from 6:30-9:00. The cost is $15 for women's, $15 for men and an additional $15 for PSA. Jeanette asks for donations for healthy breakfast food and drink items to provide for teachers.


    SHAC Meeting

    In Attendance: Jeanette Holding, Cindy Dunkerley, Paula Moore, Kim Hollar, Misty Edwards, BJ Dunn, Nicki Holbert, Chrystal Compean

    1. Introduce new members:Paula, Chairperson of the committee, explained to new members the purpose of the SHAC.

    One of the things discussed was the responsibility of the SHAC to complete a survey each year. One of the topics that we have to answer is how we cover sex education at our schools and that is how the Aim for Success program was brought into the school district.

    The Aim for Success program will be next week. The parent meeting will be Tuesday night and the students' programs will be on Wednesday - high school in the morning, junior high in the afternoon.

    2. Guest speaker at next meeting - Jessica Longly (used to be Cox) She presents a program called Hot Topics to other school districts including Holliday, Iowa Park, and Wichita Falls. She also volunteers at the HES health fair and teaches Zumba to students. She will come to our next meeting to give us information about the hot topics program that she presents.

    3. Health Fair

    Jeanette is working on getting all the volunteers scheduled for the Health fair.

    Jessica Longly



    Humane Society - Service dog

    American Cancer Society

    MSU oral hygiene (they are taking board exams on the day on the fair) Possibility to check on community health care center-they had a van that was in the Christmas parade. Or check with Kelly Holcombe to see if she would.

    Archer City Health Department - can do poison control or oral hygiene, but Jeanette is going to ask them to do the poison control.

    Poison Control - has not called back

    Bike Safety -His name is Jarvis. Last time the boys liked this program. He is shutting down store, but will still come out and do the program. He just asks that we remind him a month ahead of time.

    United Regional Trauma Nurse -ATV safety

    Suggestions- McGruff, DARE, Sandy Webb

    4. Dates for next SHAC meetings are: Wednesday - 1/23/2013 and 3/20/2013 from 4pm-5pm.

    End of the year report needs to be presented to the board in April.

    5. Misc.

    There is an HISD student that was diagnosed with diabetes a week before school started. The parents are wanting to get a diabetic warning dog. The dog costs $15,000 but they need $3000 to pick out the dog and train. There will be a benefit in February. The student is selling bracelets for $5 "A guardian for ..." The Elks club is going to sponsor for the benefit in February. But they need a sponsor with a tax exempt status before places like Wal Mart will donate to them. Jeanette will give the campuses copies of the flyer for the benefit to post at each campus.


    SHAC Meeting

    In Attendance: Jeanette Holding, Nicki Holbert, Vicki Yurcho, BJ Dunn, Georgetta Stanford, Sheri Halsell, Cindy Dunkerley, Paula Moore

    1. Health fair - Friday, March 8

    Station Suggestions

    • Zumba - Jessica Longly

    • Oral Hygiene - MSU

    • Poison Control - State

    • Hydration or Nutrition - Sheri Halsell

    • Tobacco & Drugs - Jerri Skelton

    • Bike Safety - Sheri looking into getting bike helmets

    • Hygiene - American Red Cross or Health Dept.

    • Exercise - North Texas Rehab Center

    • Sun Safety - American Cancer Society, Kathy Marshall

    • Mental Health – URHCS

    • Pool Safety- American Red Cross

    • Animal Care/Safety - Possibly a vet, vet tech, or someone from the animal shelter.

    2. Aim for Success - Look at the week of Dec. 10 to see if there is a good day for the program to come to junior high and elementary. It is $100 cheaper if we schedule in December or April, and $100 more if we schedule in May.

    3. Sheri Halsell - A clean hands and germ prevention presentation was given to all students in the elementary. Mrs. Bennett sent out an email about how attendance had been up (the highest ever for this time of year) at the elementary since the presentation. We are asking Sheri to come back every year to do this program.

    4. Recruiting new parent members - Kelly Holcomb is working in Wichita Falls and is unable to make 4pm meeting times. Martha Taylor is now a school employee and is not eligible to be a parent member. Other suggestions Misty Parker, Sheila Choate, Chrystal Compean, Misty Edwards, Casey Cody. Paula Moore was nominated as the coordinator for the committee, and she accepted the position.

    5. Dates for next SHAC meetings are: Wednesday 12/5, 1/23, 3/20, from 4pm - 5 pm.


     SHAC: School Health Advisory Council
    Tuesday, February 28, 2012
    6:00 HISD Administration Building


    SHAC members in attendance: Martha Taylor, Sherri Halsell, Paula Moore, BJ Dunn, Nicki Holbert and Jeanette Holding

    Program: Predation, Sex Offender, Social Networking, Bullying, Sexting.

    Skee Burkes introduced the speaker, Weldon Floyd.

    Floyd presented a student program at the high school at 8:30, and at the junior high at 2:30. Both programs went very well.
    Floyd shared some cases of child predation.

    Types of child predators:
    Collector-how most of them get started. Collecting photos or videos of children under 18.
    Traveler - will engage in online chat then arrange for a meeting.
    Manufacturer - takes pictures or videos.
    Chatter - talk to them online.
    The chances of youth under the age of 18 become a victim of sexual predation is 1 out of 3.
    Dealings include:
    Rape/sexual molestation
    Forced prostitution/porn production
    Slave trading/trafficking
    Murder (99.4% end up murdered)
    Convicted sexual offenders:
    Wichita county - 199
    Jack county - 21
    Montague county - 53
    Wise county - 133
    Young county - 51
    Clay county - 16
    Over 70% of these crimes were with minors.
    2009 research shows that adults spend 13 hours a week online, while youth spend 30 hours a week online.
    Youth are getting on average only 6 hours of sleep at night.
    15 youth are still missing that have been gone for less than a year. 66 have been missing for 5 years.
    Congressional lobbyist representing a group of psychiatrist "before you act" want to change "pedophile" to "minor attracted" because of the negative stereotype.


    Social Networking
    Main focus-Facebook, cell phone use
    Secondary-MySpace, twitter, etc
    Other not mentioned to kids: chat roulette Video chatting with random people - Getting more and perverse.
    Family Protection - computers & cell phones Must become "social smart" and "phone smart".
    All computers and phones need to be in family room. Wireless is one of the biggest problems we have today.
    Tarleton State University had a pornography problem. One dorm had rule that doors had to be open and monitors facing door. They are not the only ones with a problem, but they are one of the only ones doing anything about it.

    Be careful about what children watch on tv. Examples were given of sitcoms shown at 7 pm referring to watching porn as if it is normal and ok.
    No internet connection in a "private" bedroom.
    Do all children really need a smart phone. Think "jitterbug"!!
    Make sure Facebook settings are set to "friends only".
    The settings need to be saved. Facebook will never change your settings.
    Do not allow children to have multiple email accounts or social networking accounts.
    Know logins and passwords to all accounts.
    In Texas several years ago children had to be missing for 24 hours to be considered missing, now they are considered missing as soon as it is reported. But Facebook by law will not release login info for 24 hours to the police for a missing child. Parents job is to love and protect them.
    Know their friends list.
    Never meet online first and in-person second. Don't let them be friends with people they don't know.
    Also need to go through their cell phone contact list & have a name/face with each contact.
    Have your kids teach you text code.
    Establish computer use rules. Including cell phones, iPads, kindles.
    ... Never divulge personal info or photos.
    ... Establish what sites are allowed.
    ... No social networking during homework time.
    ... Neighborhood computer rules - what's allowed next door.
    All these precautions close the door to child predators.

    Bullying-when a child is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed. attacks (one person attacks another) proxy (have someone else do the bullying for you)
    Over 18 it is called stalking and harassment.
    Bullying in Texas is against the law.
    Revenge, anger, frustration-someone that has probably been bullied.
    Laughs entertainment
    Social status
    Just plain mean
    ...Coward (bully those you can beat up-makes you a coward)
    to take a stand
    Education - we must educate our youth to the consequences, whether they participate with, ignore, or report the bully.
    As adults we must be able to "call out" a bully who really is nothing more than a "coward". We should call bullies "cowards" because they are bullying others who are smaller or weaker than he/she is. In other words, we consider them a coward because they pick on others that they are confident that they could "whip".
    Floyd gave an example of a time during one of his presentations when he called out one of the main school bullies in front of the student body. When one of the teachers ask if he was bullying the bully, he said, "You're darn right I am. They need to know how it feels." As parents, teachers, and concerned adults, it is our responsibility to hold bullies accountable for their behavior and teach our children to band together against bullies.

    Sexting -the act of sending sexually explicit messages and/or photographs via computer or other mobile device.
    Sexting for those under 18 is a misdemeanor for 1st offense.
    2nd offense or pictures of others is a felony. It is child pornography!
    Production of child pornography-10years
    Distribution of child pornography-15years Possession of child pornography-5years Promotion of child pornography-10years Transporting across state lines-10+years Registered as a sexual offender for life Parents are a registered sex offender too.
    Monitor cell phone use
    Limit cell phone capabilities
    Stay knowledgable
    Speak with friends' parents about concerns

    Floyd ended with a video illustrating how quickly information about your children can be obtained on the Internet.


    SHAC: School Health Advisory Council
    Wednesday, February 23, 2011
    4:00 HISD Administration Building

    In Attendance:
    Jeanette Holding, Nicki Holbert, Kelly Holcomb, Cindy Dunkerley, Kim Hollar, Sherri Halsell

    Dates of Future SHAC Meetings:
    Jeanette will set the dates for next year’s SHAC meetings at the beginning of 2011-2012 school year and send out to the SHAC members.

    Region 9 Survey
    Jeanette has completed most of the survey with help from each of the campuses about information/programs that she did not know the answers to. The SHAC suggested that for next year’s survey, Jeanette should give each of the principals and counselors a copy of the survey to complete any of the items that have to do with their jobs/responsibilities. The surveys would then be returned to Jeanette to compile the information in the district report.

    Health Fair Scheduled March 11, 2011
    The Henrietta Elementary Health Fair is scheduled for March 11. Kelly Holcomb will coordinate the dental hygiene program through MSU. MSU will be sending 2 students to help with the program. Texoma Cycling Center is sending someone for bicycling safety. We also want to ask them if they can include information about skateboard and ripstick safety since these are so popular with the kids. Sherri Halsell will send Jeanette an evaluation to be used with the students at the end of the health fair. Jerry Skelton will be doing a tobacco program. Jenny Holding will be doing Pilates. Sherri Halsell will be doing sports nutrition. The Wildcat Hockey Team will be doing workouts. The American Cancer Society will be doing Sun Safety. The Health Department will be doing Poison Safety. And there will also be Zumba in the gym.

    Parent Chairperson
    Kelly Holcomb was nominated to be the parent chairperson for the SHAC. She agreed to accept the position. The only stipulation is that if she gets hired by HISD as a teacher, she will no longer be able to serve as the parent chairperson since she will be an employee of the district.

    Annual Written Report
    The 2010-2011 Annual Written Report is due to the school board by April 1. It will be presented at the March 10 board meeting. The committee reviewed the report and made the following suggestions for changes:
    • Removed AIM drug program since there is no funding for the program this year.
    • Mark Klyn’s spoke on the school survey’s in relation to the SHAC needs assessment survey. There are no items that the SHAC is recommending to add to the current school surveys.
    • Added information about the 3rd grade balance your day with food and play.
    • Added information about K-5 Walk Across Texas.
    • Added information about 4th/5th Grade Health Fair
    • Added information about Ag Safety Day for the 3rd Grade.


    SHAC: School Health Advisory Council
    Wednesday, January 26, 2011
    4:00 HISD Administration Building

    In Attendance:
    Jeanette Holding, Nicki Holbert, Kelly Holcomb, Paula Moore, Cindy Dunkerley, Paula Koetter, Kim Hollar

    Dates of Future SHAC Meetings:

    Aim for Success:
    The parent night is scheduled for May 5 at 6:00 in the Henrietta High School Cafeteria. The student program will be on May 6. The high school program will be in the morning and the junior high program will be in the afternoon. The program this year is titled "Freedom to Succeed". It will include information about law updates and the newest information regarding "sexting".

    Information from Last Meeting
    Mark Klyn has agreed to send us him documentation that he shared with the committee from the last meeting so that we can post the information with our minutes.

    Region 9 Survey
    Region 9 sent out another survey to be completed by the SHAC. It is due to be completed by March 4. Jeanette will work on completing the items and getting the information she needs from the campuses before the next SHAC meeting.

    Next Meeting
    The next SHAC meeting is scheduled for February 23, 2011. At this meeting the committee will prepare the report to be submitted to the school board.


     SHAC: School Health Advisory Council
    Wednesday, December 15, 2010
    4:00 HISD Administration Building

    In Attendance:
    Please see attached sign in sheet

    Dates of Future SHAC Meetings:
    1/26/2011, 2/23/2011

    Mark Klyn (former HISD School Psychologist) came to talk to the committee about the role of the School Psychologist. He will be providing the documentation to us that he shared so that we may post it with our minutes. He also made suggestions to the SHAC regarding the Needs Assessment Survey. His recommendation was that we use the information gathered through the other school surveys that are already in place. He did not recommend that any additional items be added.


    SHAC: School Health Advisory Council
    Wednesday, November 10, 2010
    4:00 HISD Administration Building

    In Attendance:
    Jeanette Holding, Nicki Holbert, Sheri Halsell, Kelly Holcomb, Darren Mayes, Paula Moore, Cindy Dunkerley, Georgetta Stanford, Randy Zamzow

    Dates of Future SHAC Meetings:
    12/15/2010, 1/26/2010, 2/23/2011

    Agenda for Next Meeting (12/15/2010):
    Mark Klyn (former HISD School Psychologist) will be a guest speaker at the next meeting in December. Jeanette is also inviting Deanna Draper, who is now the Special Education Counselor for HISD.

    Health Fair:
    Henrietta Elementary School puts on a Health Fair every other year. The health fair is scheduled for the spring of this year again at HES. The last health fair included stations with ARC Water Safety, Family YMCA – Gotta Dance, Bike Stop – Bike and Skateboard Safety, ACS – Sun Safety, Sheri Halsell – Nutrition & Snacks, Jerri Skelton – No Smoking, DSHS – Poison Control, and North Texas Rehabilitation Center – Core Strength Exercises. Suggestions for stations for this coming health fair: Oral Hygiene – Kelly Holcombe to coordinate, Dummy Simulator – Sheri Halsell, Care Flight, Sports Nutrition – Sheri Halsell

    Abstinence and Drug/Alcohol Programs:
    Jeanette has money in her budget to bring back the Aim for Success program to the junior high and high school this year. In the past David Gordon has paid for it through Region 9. Jeanette does not have money for the drug & alcohol program. David Gordon will not be able to fund either program through Region 9 this year. We will look at dates to schedule the Aim for Success program again this year in December or in the spring at junior high and high school. To cover the drug and alcohol program, the junior high and high school will continue to take advantage of the Serenity program since it is free of charge.

    Sheri Halsell shared information about a new Bullying program that they think would be good for our junior high. Nicki Holbert, junior high counselor, was very interested and asked Sheri to keep her updated on when it would be ready. It would include 5 days of 30 minute lessons. Missy Hodgin, the ag agent, is working with Sheri on this new program.

    3rd grade is doing "Balance your Day with Food and Play" again in the spring after TAKS. This program provides teachers with workbooks, pretests, posttests, lessons, and homework to do with parents.

    Henrietta Elementary School is once again participating in "Walk Across Texas" with Pre K – 5th grades. The program promotes walking over 5000 miles in a year.


    SHAC Minutes
    February 17, 2010

    In attendance: Georgetta Stanford, Kelly Holcomb, Kellie Harris, Cindy Dunkerley, Sheri Hood. Du’Rae Bergquist, Kim Hollar, Jeanette Holding, Angie Forrester, Todd Davis and Nicki Holbert

    Kellie Harris, HISD Technology:
    Kellie came to talk to the committee about the ways to get information to parents using email or cell phone texting. She explained how the district and campus listserv worked, as well as an email distribution list through a program such as Outlook. She recommended that since the district already subscribes to the listserv service through our website, that we use that as the way to send messages to parents. She said at this point sending text alerts to parents cell phones was not an option. The committee discussed ways to promote parents to sign up for the listserv. The following suggestions were made:
    • Send information to parents about how to sign up through the elementary newsletter.
    • Put a message on the report card.
    • Have the sports club send out the information about signing up through their distribution list.
    • Have the parents sign up at student registration before school starts either on a workstation, or on a signup sheet that would later be input into the listserv by a campus or HISD employee.
    • The counselors at each campus would help coordinate the efforts at their respective campuses to get parents to sign up.

    Annual Report:
    The SHAC Annual Report is due April 1, 2010. It will be presented to the school board at the March 11, 2010 school board meeting. Jeanette presented a draft annual report which the SHAC reviewed and finalized. See attached report.

    Planning for Next Year:
    At the beginning of the school year next year, Jeanette will send out the dates for the 2010-2011 SHAC meetings. Mark Klyn has agreed to come to first meeting to discuss the possible addition of the counseling and mental health survey questions that could be added to the current district surveys. The SHAC will use the information from Mr. Zamzow’s and Mr. Clayton’s surveys in addition to the possible addition of the mental health questions to assess the district’s needs.

    SHAC meeting dates for 2010-2011 School year were: 11/10/2010, 12/15/2010, 1/26/2011, and 2/23/2011.



    SHAC Minutes
    January 20, 2010

    InAttendance: Todd Davis- HJH health/science teacher, Erin Turner-HHS health teacher, duRae’ Bergquist-parent, Nicki Holbert- HJH Counselor, Sherri Halsell- Community involvement, Kim Hollar- Food Service, Shannon Fletcher-parent, Jeanette Holding- School Nurse

    Erin Turner, HHS Health Teacher:
    Erin talked about the PAPA Program, which stands for Parenting and Paternity Awareness.
    This is a new program that is required at the high school level that involves annual training. Erin sends an informational letter home at the beginning of the class listing the 12 topics that will be covered.

    Jeanette was completing a TEA survey. The question was asked, "What percentage of our high school campuses gives CPR instruction". The answer was "All Campuses".

    Human Sexuality instruction is included in junior high and high school health. The parents are notified of the right to opt out of the instruction and to access curriculum upon request.

    Campus Needs Assessment:
    The SHAC is still in the process of looking at options to aid in the development of the Campus Needs Assessment. There are 2 surveys that are currently done in our district through Survey Monkey. The SHAC reviewed these 2 surveys to see how relevant the items would be to use towards the campus needs assessment.
    • Mr. Zamzow’s Drug Survey: Jeanette shared a copy of Mr. Zamzow’s Drug Survey. The group reviewed the survey to see how it could be used towards the SHAC’s Campus Needs.
    • Mr. Clayton’s Educational Survey: Jeanette also shared a copy of this survey. It included more general educational questions, but not topics dealing with drugs, bullying, or health related topics. Mr. Clayton will have another survey sent out in the spring. We discussed reviewing this survey to see if any parts might include the kind of information the SHAC is looking for.
    • Region 18’s survey was discussed to decide if it might include appropriate questions that we could use for our survey. A few members commented that it included language and acronyms that they felt like parents and students would not easily understand. But that it could be used as a starting point.
    • The one area that the SHAC felt like we might need assistance in developing and including relevant and meaningful questions in the survey would be the Counseling and Mental Health area. We discussed reviewing the other region’s survey to see if it included relevant questions that we could use.

    Aim for Success Dates & Parent Night:
    The Parent night is scheduled for March 9 from 6-7 pm in the Henrietta High School Auditorium. The student program will be on March 10 in the morning at the high school, then in the afternoon at the junior high. To encourage parent attendance at the parent meeting, the idea was suggested to see if the English teachers would give extra credit to students who had a parent or guardian show up at the parent night on their behalf. The suggestion was made to send an informational flyer about the parent meeting home through the English classes explaining how they student could benefit if a parent attended. We also suggested getting a parent email database set up so that a broadcast email could be sent to parents to let them know about the parent meeting.

    Jeanette will ask Erik or Kellie to come to the next meeting to talk to the SHAC about begin able to send out the broadcast emails to parents to share important information.

    Jeanette thinks that she will have money in her budget to bring in the AIM for Success Drug Program for the Junior High and the High School. We will look at scheduling that parent meeting and student programs in May.


    SHAC: School Health Advisory Council
    Wednesday, December 2, 2009

    In Attendance: Jeanette Holding RN, Nicki Holbert, Cindy Dunkerley, Georgetta Stanford, du’Rae Bergquist, Paula Koetter, Shannon Fletcher, Kelly Holcomb, Todd Davis, Kim Hollar FSD, Sheri Hood, and Randy Zamzow

    Jeanette Holding :Introduction of New Members Explanation of the SHAC and its purpose.

    Cindy Dunkerley – TETN Meetings:

    Cindy has been trying to stay on top of student health topics, requirements and new legislation through watching the TETNs. After watching the first TETN, she felt like our district was ahead of the game. The state uses the TETNs as a vehicle to explain to school districts what they are wanting. We are currently working on a needs assessment to meet some of these requirements. Parents/Public access to the school wellness policy that is adopted by the district is posted on the website for public information. HES and HJH use the Catch program, which is a state adopted PE program.

    In January (Jan 3-12) Cindy will do the fitness testing and send the report to Austin.

    Campus Needs Assessment:One of the new state requirements is that the SHAC must meet 4 times per year. Our next meetings are scheduled for Jan. 20 and Feb. 17. The SHAC report must be ready to present to the school board by the March 11 meeting. Our goals for our Jan. 20 meeting will be to go over the needs assessment. The Feb. 17 meeting will be used to talk about the report to be presented to the school board and what we have accomplished for the year. David Gordon is going to get a needs assessment survey together to put on our website. The high school has one online already, so the SHAC is going to wait until later to post the needs assessment survey. Jeanette passed out the survey from David Gordon for the members to review. She had already noted some corrections to be made. There was another suggestion to add "I don’t know" or "unsure" and/or "possibly" as answer choices. Other suggestions included adding drug use including using non-prescribed prescription drugs. The SHAC discussed possibly using Randy Zamzow’s safe and drug free schools survey, or at least see what questions are already covered within that survey. There was also discussion about gearing the questions to give us the kind of answers that will help us figure out what our needs are as a school district.


    AIM for Success dates:The parent night is scheduled for Tuesday, March 9 from 6-7pm at the HHS Auditorium. At the next meeting, the SHAC will discuss ideas to advertise and promote attendance to this parent meeting. The student program will be on March 10 in the morning at the high school and in the afternoon at the junior high.


    Other: The SHAC members will take the sample surveys home and review and make corrections and suggestions and bring back to the next meeting to discuss and finalize. Randy Zamzow will bring his survey that he puts on the website to see what information is already being collected that could be used for the needs assessment. Jeanette will also check with Scot Clayton to see if he does any surveys that might have information to help with the SHAC survey needs.



    SHAC Meeting
    September 30, 2009


    • Guest Speaker – David Gordon (, R 9 phone 322-6928, cell phone 642-3250)

    • Discussed meeting with TEA- Region 9 received information at the same time as districts did.

    • The SHAC lost Janet as a member, but gained Kelly Holcomb and Shannon Fletcher as new SHAC members.

    • Folders with new information were handed out – done prior to Senate Bill 283, including information:

      • Powerpoint– how to develop a SHAC

      • School board responsibilities to the SHAC

      • Side by Side Log of Legislation

        • SB 1 started SHAC mostly SBC

        • SB 19 included minimum time for PE

        • SB 1357 added nurses and counseling

        • SB 283 Gives teeth to SHAC

    • Changes:

      • The School Board shall appoint the SHAC – at least 5 members, the majority of which are non-employee parents.

      • A written report is required annually due by April 1.

        • A needs assessment (recommended – but not required by law)

          • for each campus

          • prioritize needs

          • develop a 2 or 3 year plan

        • May reach back to last year, does not have to

        • Recommends taking report to Mr. McClure and asking if either

          • he will present

          • we can be scheduled to report

      • The SHAC must meet at least 4 times/year (before we had to declare how many times it met)

      • Must provide written notice at the start of the year about plan to teach human sexuality instruction.

        • a summary of content provided on request about the subject to parents

    • May use Packet "SHAC Bible" to orient new members