Preparing to Have Your Computer Reimaged

Saving Your Favorites

There are a few steps to insure you do not lose important information when we must reimage your computer.


1.  Make a list of any software that will need to be reinstalled.  The base image that we use will contain Office, Adobe (Reader or Pro), Flash, Java, and Shockwave.  Any software other than that will need to be reinstalled after the imaging process is complete.


2.  Save your favorites.  Follow the directions below if you are unsure of how to save them.


3.  If you are saving all of your documents to the server you will not lose them.  You will lose anything saved to the desktop or the hard drive of the computer.  So please move anything from these two places to the server before giving us the go ahead.  Don't forget to check the My documents/My Pictures and do a spot check to make sure they are saved to your Z drive as well.


To Save Your Favorites

I would go to my Z drive and create a folder named _old computer to start...that will give you a place to save your favorites and things too...


Go to computer

Select Local Disk (C:) -



Select the users folder - 


Select the folder with your username on it -


Locate the folder named Favorites. 

Right click on it and select copy -



Then go back to computer and browse to your Z drive -


Open up Your Z Drive - (if you didn't create your _old computer folder you will need to follow the directions below to create that folder now.)

Right click and select new - then select folder.  I usually name this folder Old Computer.


Right click and select paste.  The Favorites folder should appear in that folder.  It is then on the server and should not be lost in the imaging process.

If you have a lot of personal desktop shortcuts that you use, you can repeat the process from above  to save them.  Instead of copying your Favorites folder, copy your desktop folder.  Then paste it is the _old computer file as well.

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