Henrietta ISD Education Grants

Spring 2024 Grants

Spring Grant Awards

Shannon Byerly - HES- White Board Tables

Learning is so much fun, especially when you get to break the rules and write on the tables! Huge thanks to the Education Foundation for providing my students with whiteboard tables. They've truly transformed our classroom into an engaging learning space!

Shannon Byerly

White Board Table Group

White Board Table 1

White Board Table 2

Melissa Hansard - HJH - Live Theatre Production

Thank you for the grant to provide tickets for our One Act Play cast to see Mary Poppins at the Wichita Theatre! We had an amazing personal tour from owner Dwayne Jackson and enjoyed a fun lunch at Chick-fil-A. Grateful for your generosity and support!

Melissa Hansard

HJH One Act Play

Mary Poppins

Students in the Audience

Students in the audience 3

Students in the Audience 2

Students in the audience 4

Jessica Hensley - HES - Art Displays

A huge thank you to the Education Foundation for the grant that provided displays for our students' art! These displays have made the art more visible and will benefit our students for years to come. Your support means the world to us!

Jessica Hensley

Art Displays 1

Art Display 2

Art Display 4

Art Display 3

Madison Mullen - HJH - Holocaust and Human Rights Museum Field Trip

After completing a unit over "The Diary of Anne Frank" and the Holocaust, Ms. Mullen's ELAR classes were able to visit the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum thanks to grant provided by the Henrietta ISD Education Foundation. Students toured the exhibition with tour guides, who introduced films, survivor testimonies, and artifacts that revealed incredible depth and knowledge of this historical era. 

Madison Mullen

Holocaust Museum 1

Holocaust Museum 4

Holocaust Museum 2

Holocaust Museum 5

Holocaust Museum 3

Holocaust Museum 6

Jennifer Browning, Megan McCasland, and Kristina Swanson -

Lego Education Materials

Thank you, Education Foundation, for the grant supporting our Lego Education materials! 🌟 These Legos foster hands-on, playful learning, inspiring all students to engage and learn actively. We're excited for the enriching lessons ahead with these resources!

In this lesson, the students built a car that was powered entirely by the transfer of energy from a swinging gymnast! They discovered that the height of the gymnast’s starting position directly affected the amount of energy transferred (more height meant more potential energy, which then produced more kinetic energy). They also hypothesized that the reason the cars eventually ran out of energy and had to be restarted was due to friction and gravity since we are located here on Earth – this could lead to so many more fun experiments to test new theories!

Jennifer Browning

Megan McCasland

Kristina Swanson

Lego 1

Lego 4

Lego 2

Lego 3

Lego 6

Shelby Watkins - HJH - HJH Book Club

Thank you so much to the Education Foundation for being so supportive of educators finding new and innovative ways of learning! HJH Sixth Graders tried book clubs this semester. The book club novels were purchased with a grant awarded by the HISD Education Foundation. We explored new genres, dug deep into characters & setting, and created unique and fun final projects that reflected our experience! 

Shelby Watkins

Watkins 1

Watkins 2

Watkins 4

Watkins 3

Watkins 5

Fall 2023 Grants

Fall Education Foundation Winners

HES - Lindsay Berend - Flexible Seating

Thank you so much for funding my flexible seating grant. My students are loving the diverse seating options, making learning more comfortable and engaging. Your contribution is truly making a difference!

Lindsay Berend

Flexible Seating 1

Flexible Seating 2

Flexible Seating 3

HES - Nicole Childs Lock Box Challenge

Thank you for funding our lock box challenge! Seeing my students immerse themselves in sleuthing to 'unlock' answers is truly rewarding. Thank you for making learning an adventure!.

Nicole CHilds

Lock box 1

Lock box 5

Lock Box 2

Lock Box 6

Lock box 8

Lock Box 3

Lock Box 7

HHS - Sarah Dickey - Solar Eclipse Glasses

Thank you for providing solar eclipse glasses for my students! We're thrilled to gear up for the upcoming eclipse on April 8th. Your investment in our education means the world to us. Let the countdown begin!

Sarah DIckey

Solar Eclipse 4

Solar eclipse 7

Solar Eclipse 1

Solar Eclipse 6

Solar Eclipse 2

Solar Eclipse 8

Shannon Fletcher - District Counselor - Coffee With the Counselor

I am grateful for the support in funding my “Coffee With the Counselor” series! It's been invaluable for sharing crucial information with parents. Your contribution is helping bridge connections and empower our community. Thank you for investing in our mission!

Shannon Fletcher

CC 1





Bryan Loera - HHS - Class Reptile

I would like to extend my thanks to you for funding our reptile project! Henry has been an incredible addition, helping students connect with nature and learn valuable caregiving skills. His presence has truly enriched our classroom experience

Bryan Loera

Henry 1

Student with Henry

Jessica Longley - HES - Keyboards for Music Class

With the money you have graciously donated, I was able to purchase 10 keyboards all equipped with headphones, stools, and piano books! I am teaching all grade levels K-5 to play simple piano. The students are enjoying learning how to read the music and of course who doesn’t like playing on a keyboard?! Especially when you can plug in headphones! So nice! I am very grateful to have you all in our corner. We are so lucky that we can expand the student’s learning outside of the classroom and give them life-long music skills.

Jessica Longley

Keyboard 1

Keyboard 2

Keyboard 3

Keyboard 4

Keyboard 5

Keyboard 6

Dalton Peters - HHS - BBQ Team

Big thanks to the Education Foundation for their support of our BBQ team! With your investment, we've had an amazing year and are thrilled to be heading to the State Cook Off soon.

Dalton Peters







Sherie Pierce - HHS - Meow Wolf Art Exhibit Field Trip

Thanks to your support, 70 Art/Graphic Design students and 8 chaperones experienced the Meow Wolf Immersive Art Experience in Grapevine on April 29th. This collaboration between Santa Fe and Dallas artists was an incredible opportunity for Henrietta High School students, made possible by the Henrietta ISD Education Foundation.

Sherie Pierce

Meow Wolf 1

Meow Wolf 4

Meow Wolf 2

Meow WOlf 5

Meow WOlf 3

Meow Wolf 6

Caitlin Steigler - HHS - Fun Lab Supplies

My deepest appreciation to the Education Foundation for supporting my grant request! Thanks to your generosity, I've been able to purchase materials for hands-on labs, bringing learning to life for my students. Your support makes a real difference in their education!

Caitlin Stiegler

Lab 1

Lab 4

Lab 2

Lab 5

Lab 3

Lab 6

Cherise Talley - HES - PE Equipment

My deepest appreciation to the HISD Education Foundation for the grant! With your support, I've purchased new equipment to help my students cultivate a love for physical activities, ensuring their future wellness. Your contribution makes a difference!

Cherise Talley

PE 1

PE 2

PE 3