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Voters approve $36 million for new high school and athletic improvements

The Henrietta ISD community overwhelmingly approved a $36 million investment for a new high school and improvements to athletic facilities on May 4, 2024.

Henrietta ISD Superintendent Jaime Clark stated, "I am so excited for the future of Henrietta ISD and the opportunities these facilities and upgrades will provide our students for generations to come.”

While the preliminary results from Clay County affirm the passing of Propositions A and B, it's important to note that these results are pending official canvassing. Texas law mandates this process to ensure the accuracy and inclusion of every valid vote. The Board of Trustees has tentatively scheduled the canvass of votes for May 13, 2024 at the May board meeting. 

Board of Trustees President  Brad Yurcho conveyed gratitude, stating, "This success began many months ago with a community-led Facility Committee of parents, staff and community members who met to ensure all students in Henrietta  ISD continue to have access to modern classrooms and innovative programs. The entire Board expresses its appreciation to Superintendent Jaime Clark, the district leadership team and the Facility Committee for the hours and hard work that was put in to make this a success, and we are so grateful that our community supported the vision.”

With voters approving both propositions, the projected increase is 23 cents per $100 valuation. This tax rate will still be lower than the 2022 tax rate.


Proposition A

For – 61.86 %, Against –38.14 %

Proposition B

For – 59.24 %, Against – 40.76 %

voter approve 36 million dollar bond


Required Bond Postings



Estimate your school district taxes if both propositions pass. This does not take into account any homestead exemptions you may qualify for. Homeowners over the age 65 who have filed their Homestead Exemption with the appraisal district will not see an increase in property taxes associated with this bond.

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