Adding Website Shortcuts to Your Desktop

There are two simple ways to add a shortcut to a website to your desktop.  It is important for you to know, shortcuts are only available to the desktop of the person who created them.  (EX.  If I login as myself and create a shortcut on my desktop I will be able to use the shortcut with no issues.  However, if student 12345 logs into the desktop that I created my shortcut on they will not have access to the shortcut.  They will have to create their own shortcut.  Shortcuts are like the printers...they are in the user profile...they will not follow you to computer to computer, nor will any other user be able to use them.)


Locate the website you want to create a shortcut to.  Look in the address bar for the favicon (highlighted below). Put your mouse cursor on the favicon.  Left click the mouse and hold the mouse button down as you drag/drop it on the desktop.  A shortcut to the website will be created on your desktop.

  Index image



Locate the website.

  Index 1 image

Right click your mouse in an unactive part of the website (EX. the black on the site above).

This will pop up a menu that will have the choice to create shortcut.  Select to create the shortcut.

  index image

A shortcut will then be on the desktop.

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